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Bayou Testers of New Iberia(337-364-9055)
Dupuis Dawn(985-252-6132)
Alleman Clark(985-252-9510)
Breaux Dale(985-252-6867)
Westerfield Michael(985-252-6803)
Johnson Dennis(985-252-9526)
Daigle James P(985-252-6094)
Daigle Katheline(985-252-6094)
Landry Jamie(985-252-3593)
Landry Harvey(985-252-8056)
Landry Melissa(985-252-8056)
Landry Wayne(985-252-6820)
Landry Kenny(985-252-9546)
Landry Tonya(985-252-9546)
Blanchard Michael P(985-252-6930)
Daigle Dave(985-252-6688)
Hebert Dalton(985-252-9434)
Hebert Gloria(985-252-9434)
Solar Mark(985-252-4182)
Solar Melissa(985-252-4182)
Leblanc Mervin(985-252-6703)
Morales Sandy(985-252-0767)
Morales Wesley(985-252-9446)
Westerfield Johnny(985-252-9460)
Herbert Roland(985-252-0125)
Rivere Janice(985-252-0125)
Hebert Claudia(985-252-8793)
Sanchez Ronald SR(985-252-3337)
Morales Norman(985-252-9311)
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