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Wyatt Bobbie L(318-590-2620)
Powell Mark(337-392-1763)
Morris Lacy(318-586-7526)
Morris R H(318-586-7526)
Kontz Joe(318-565-9200)
Young Randy(318-565-3048)
Jernigan Pat(337-392-8532)
Noble I D(337-286-5529)
Marze Charles(337-392-1959)
Hooks Floyd(337-238-1696)
Cunningham Ricky(337-238-0932)
Robison Jan(337-238-7806)
McCauley S(337-239-7002)
Clemons Tom(337-238-0855)
Mayo Patricia(337-392-2311)
Dillard Kenneth(337-238-3856)
Schraven Angela(337-238-1390)
Schraven John(337-392-0155)
Robison Dustin(337-286-5224)
Robison Mandi(337-286-5224)
Laurence Lynn(337-286-5160)
Harvey Gaylon(337-286-5576)
Harvey Jim(337-286-5576)
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