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Anthony Clyde SR(318-352-7095)
Leriche Robert(318-476-2288)
Campti Pleasant Hill Telephone Co(318-476-3302)
Gill Richard(318-476-3302)
Turner Bruce(318-476-2491)
Turner Velma(318-476-2163)
Marshall Myters(318-476-3788)
Lucas Grace(318-476-2969)
Vaughn Mary J(318-476-2690)
Lynch Shantessa(318-476-2515)
Harris Aletha(318-476-2736)
Telsee Loretta(318-476-3218)
McCoy Anitra(318-476-2316)
Shaffer Chuck(318-476-3126)
Shaffer Joey(318-476-3188)
Shaffer Sandra(318-476-3126)
Gallien David(318-476-2237)
Gallien Shelley(318-476-2237)
Custis Jeff(318-476-2705)
Custis Kristen(318-476-2705)
Fredieu David(318-476-2106)
Fredieu William A(318-476-2343)
Ewing Betty(318-476-2274)
Gallien N Jr(318-476-2341)
Roberson Joyce(318-476-3476)
Grappe Barbara S(318-476-3665)
Gill James(318-476-3099)
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