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Atchafalaya Levee Board Ravenwood Barn(225-637-3466)
Crain Crissy(225-683-4959)
Barton Clarence(225-683-8763)
Hall Darwin(225-683-3621)
Faciane Michael(225-683-9488)
Scott Robert(225-683-3404)
Nelson Lasonia(225-683-3481)
Matthews Calvin(225-683-3752)
Matthews Lesley(225-683-8180)
Dodd William F(225-683-4856)
Mount Hope Baptist Church(225-683-3201)
Robinson Mattie M(225-683-3243)
Weatherspoon Mildred(225-683-8035)
Wilson Aaron(225-683-8035)
Taylor Alice(225-683-9615)
Taylor Lesley(225-683-9615)
Williams Lawrence Jr(225-683-6018)
Johnson Charles Jr(225-683-8029)
Coston Mary(225-683-5152)
Perry Brittany(225-683-2756)
Perry Harriette(225-683-8645)
Perry Iyan(225-683-9277)
Williams Terrance(225-683-3242)
Perry Lizzette(225-683-8750)
Chriss Samuela(225-683-5525)
Lowery Josephine(225-683-5657)
Richardson Robert(225-683-5233)
Feliciana Womens Help Center(225-683-1505)
Engquist John(225-683-5335)
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