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Collins Sherry(318-296-4240)
Burns Julie(318-798-1797)
Rister Roger L(318-797-3255)
Garcie Dale(318-798-2178)
Garcie R(318-797-5554)
Peterson Stephen(318-797-9249)
Furrow Holley(318-925-4260)
Furrow Terry(318-925-4260)
Harper J W(318-925-9784)
Burks Bill(318-797-6629)
Anderson Brittany(318-798-1273)
Gilliam Agetha(318-797-9322)
Self G(318-797-8016)
Self Ryan(318-797-9416)
Crnkovic Brian(318-797-1889)
Crnkovic Brian and Sandy(318-797-1889)
Crnkovic Sandy(318-797-1889)
Precision Painting Llc(318-798-7227)
King W D(318-797-8730)
Johnston Maggie(318-524-2759)
Festervan D M(318-798-5147)
Good Hope Presbyterian Church of Frier(318-797-7232)
Everett Jack T(318-798-0671)
Anderson Harold E Jr(318-798-7954)
White Charles E(318-797-8614)
Puckett Rosetta C(318-797-1905)
Evans David F(318-797-3323)
Kingston Baptist Church(318-872-5352)
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