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Berry Jerry(318-284-3852)
Young Dorthy(318-927-3483)
Bauldree Ralph(318-927-9562)
Mayne Joseph(318-927-6960)
Rogers Bradney(318-927-3008)
Eliott Deborah(318-927-9170)
Hatfield Jack R(318-927-3858)
Chancellor Jerimie(318-927-1988)
Hott Jessie L(318-927-2998)
Speer Frank(318-927-2740)
Talley Thomas E(318-927-9665)
Tims Angela M(318-927-9175)
Pearl Vonnie J(318-927-1810)
Evening Light Tabernacle(318-927-5211)
Fuller Clara(318-927-3216)
Grider Collier(318-927-6345)
Webb Eloise(318-927-6440)
Ferguson Bennie(318-927-1154)
Shelton Laurie(318-927-4007)
Shelton Morris(318-927-4007)
Presley Glender(318-927-9899)
Shelton Vicky(318-927-4492)
Shelton Frederick(318-927-2754)
Ferguson Clarence(318-927-9397)
Robinson Eddie M(318-927-3129)
Grigsby Jimmie L(318-927-6684)
Banks Margaret(318-927-4279)
White Oak Grove Baptist Church(318-927-3364)
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