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Armstrong L(337-743-5347)
Weeks Reid(337-463-5664)
Chadwick Thomas(337-463-6932)
Hultgren June(337-462-2795)
Stephens Richard(337-462-2258)
Allen Dorothy(337-463-4369)
Allen Joyce(337-462-8281)
Barrington Willie(337-463-8602)
Blake Minnie(337-462-3219)
Burge Loye(337-462-0951)
Cooley Paul(337-460-8167)
Fletcher James L(337-463-6064)
Goodman O(337-463-5825)
Haymon Doris(337-462-8884)
Haymon Narie(337-462-8884)
Holaway Agnes(337-462-5555)
Moses Edna(337-463-8986)
Myers Anna(337-462-1536)
Powell Mary G(337-463-7104)
Richardson M(337-462-1191)
Roberts Mollie(337-463-6824)
Brooks Zack R(337-462-5479)
McKee's Grocery & Hardware(337-463-8591)
Your Home Town Shopper(337-462-0280)
Thompson Peggy(337-462-9334)
Rosepine Family Pharmacy The(337-462-0177)
Rosepine Pools & Supply(337-463-4849)
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