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Allen Lashonda(318-648-7026)
Woods Ronnie E(318-495-7999)
Johnson Joe L(318-495-3271)
Roshto Joseph(318-495-3234)
Rogers Lois(318-495-3288)
Foshee Eunice(318-495-3737)
Scarbrough Thomas(318-495-5938)
Poole Charles(318-495-5223)
Poole Tiny(318-495-5223)
Ketten Kent(318-495-3491)
Johnson Gary(318-495-3715)
McGuffee Kenneth(318-495-3717)
Lofton Deanie(318-495-3650)
Ivy Billy R(318-495-3946)
Lee Rosina(318-495-5015)
Cloud Cathy(318-495-5094)
Cloud James(318-495-5094)
Cloud Kayla(318-495-3835)
Adams Theresa(318-495-3653)
Branton Charles W(318-495-3493)
Harris Ralph(318-495-5294)
Whitman Robert Jr(318-495-3593)
Wells Jack(318-495-3604)
Franklin Ola(318-495-3909)
Schultz H B(318-495-3516)
Mayes D G(318-495-3606)
Russell Elbert(318-495-3447)
Russell Katherine(318-495-3447)
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